Bellini Foto - BWFX100 AM

Bellini Foto - BWFX100 AM

Amateur Laboratory - Black and white development

Universal fixing for black and white film and paper, 1 l. of concentrated product.
Dilution 1+9.

Film processing time: 5 -> 10 min. at 20 °C.

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Representative and distributor in FRANCE, chemistry for photographic development.

About Bellini Foto

Bellini Foto

Since 1988 Bellini Foto has operated in photographic chemistry It is  actually the only Company in the photochemistry industry that produces high quality products for photo imaging and motion picture, exclusively “Made in Italy”.

Bellini Foto production includes professional chemicals of the highest quality for photographic use for both paper and  film; colour and black&white; motion picture, graphic arts and x-ray.